Supporters - Just as there are people that support us, we are a supporter to many people extending the cycle and giving back.

Beyond Abuse - Emotional, Sexual, Physical

Registered Non Profit Charity #83644 4505 RR001 --- with CRA

                                                          We use FREEDOM TM as our trademark.. It is an acronym for:

Fully Releasing Every Emotion, Dominating Our Mentality... (Clarifying Our Mission)

We use BA-ESP  for narritive ( not a trademark)  

BA-ESP is a twelve (12) step program for men and women with the same principles of other Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and similar groups; and has been accepted as an adapted version by Alcoholics Anonymous World Headquarters - but not associated or affiliated.

The goal of BA- ESP is to assist victims of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse overcome the surviving effects and become empowered to Victory: becoming “Victors”.

BA Stands for Beyond Abuse 
Beyond the old into the new by letting go of old patterns, non working relationships, self-beating / low self esteem –ABUSE to  a new way of living life with peace and joy.

ESP means Emotional Sexual, Physical 
The Emotional abuse affects the “thinking process” and the “emotional being/spirit”.  Emotional abuse is included in all traumas and has the most everlasting effect, till addressed through a healing process. 

Sexual and Physical have an element of having been touched in an inappropriate way; causing trust, relationship and other issues.   Abuse is when an individual has had his/her personal power taken away. The scars/effects of this is long lasting; which can be modified and healed using the twelve (12) steps giving inner peace.

Our acronym was chosen for the outward meaning:  BA-ESP.  

Where B:        is to find the element of “BEING”   and go BEYOND ... Moving with passion in the --  
                        NOW -     Letting Go and LET GOD – Higher Power!

Where A:    is identifying the feelings and behaviours from the Abuse

Where ESP:      is to allow the Part that was hurt to be recognized as the: “Extra Special Person” the authentic self to come forth and the old self be “cleansed of the negative aspects of the abuse” and joy to complete Victory!

       Our Art – symbols meaning:
                                           BEE – be in the moment.  Experience the Now!

                                    The picture to the left represents the twelve steps – signified as gravel steps (they                                     are tough and must be worked). The path goes up to the serenity chairs to bask                                         in the sunset of accomplishment. 

We Listen with a: Loving Heart, Big ears  and NO mouth ... We do not tell you what to do.